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 Iowa Workforce Information NetworkNovember 29, 2015
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Occupational Report for
Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
Iowa Statewide

Report Contents
Occupation DescriptionEmployment Outlook
Current Job OpeningsLicense Information
WagesEmployment Projections
Industries of EmploymentSkills
Similar OccupationsEducational Requirements
Schools and Training Providers
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Occupational Description
Set up, operate, or tend machines to saw, cut, shear, slit, punch, crimp, notch, bend, or straighten metal or plastic material.

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Employment Outlook
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
No outlook data is available for this occupation.

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Current Job Openings
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
Iowa Statewide
There are 8 openings for this occupation. Openings 1 to 8 are listed below. Check for more job openings on Career One Stop.
Job TitleDate PostedLocationWage Offered
Press Brake Operator8/16/12West Union
Brake Operator5/29/15Garner
Machine Operator1/7/14Fort Madison
Machine Operator11/20/15Keokuk$12/hr to $13/hr
Pressroom Operator10/21/15Burlington
Saw Operator9/30/15Garner
Shear Operator5/19/15Kahoka
Brake Press Set Up Operator6/4/14Waterloo

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Iowa License Information
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
No state license is required for this occupation.

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for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
Region---------------- 2014 Wages ----------------
Avg Hourly ($/hr)Avg AnnualPercentiles
Iowa Statewide$16.39$34,084$12.41$14.55$16.46$18.23$20.97
IWD REGION 0115.5132,26511.0013.4515.9117.7019.06
IWD REGION 0215.6132,47612.2914.0716.0517.5818.50
IWD REGION 3/415.2931,80111.9813.0314.7717.4820.10
IWD REGION 0515.7832,82012.5013.7615.8417.6118.71
IWD REGION 0615.9133,09511.1714.7016.3217.8419.76
IWD REGION 0716.8835,10312.6714.3116.5218.8122.05
IWD REGION 0814.4330,02011.8012.7214.2116.4817.93
IWD REGION 0916.2233,73312.3215.1916.6118.0319.63
IWD REGION 1017.1335,62713.0815.2217.0919.3821.85
IWD REGION 1116.6434,60912.5114.6216.6218.6721.42
IWD REGION 1215.4532,13412.1613.5415.5817.3618.43
IWD REGION 1315.4232,07212.5213.7615.5917.3018.33
IWD REGION 1416.2733,83910.7613.1016.6519.6021.55
IWD REGION 1516.3233,95313.8315.4016.5617.7318.43
IWD REGION 1618.2337,91915.2016.1617.7720.1722.66
Data Sources and Limitations

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Regional Employment Projections
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
RegionEmploymentChange% ChangeAnnual Openings
Iowa Statewide3,9313,750-181-4.6%33
Iwd Region 09698689-9-1.3%6
Iwd Region 11492463-29-5.9%4
Iwd Region 1044144651.1%4
Iwd Region 3/4414385-29-7.0%4
Iwd Region 15235225-10-4.3%2
Iwd Region 07227218-9-4.0%2
Iwd Region 01217209-8-3.7%2
Iwd Region 02200188-12-6.0%2
Iwd Region 1412813021.6%1
Iwd Region 1610692-14-13.2%1
Iwd Region 129289-3-3.3%1
Iwd Region 138583-2-2.4%1
Iwd Region 055553-2-3.6%0
Iwd Region 065348-5-9.4%0
Iwd Region 084847-1-2.1%0
Data Sources and Limitations

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Primary Industries of Employment
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
Iowa Statewide
No industry employment data are available for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper.
Data Sources and Limitations

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for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
Apply Algebra
Apply Basic Mathematics Such As Arithmetic And Ratios
Apply Geometry
Apply Independent Judgment In Assembly Procedures
Apply Metal Forming Or Shaping Techniques And Processes
Apply Protective Coatings
Apply Quality Assurance Techniques
Apply Robotics Systems Technology
Apply Statistical Process Control (Spc)
Apply Technical Information To Manufacturing And Industrial Activities
File Metal And Plastic
Follow Safety Procedures
Follow Verbal Instructions
Follow Written Instructions
Hand Tap Metal, Wood Or Other Material
Inspect Components During Manufacturing
Maintain Computerized Machines And Equipment
Maintain Plastic Fabricating Equipment
Maneuver Heavy Objects
Operate Cnc Machines
Operate Cranes, Hoists, Or Mechanical Booms
Operate Machine Tools
Operate Precision Measuring Devices, Tools And Equipment
Operate Shaping And Forming Machines
Operate Specialized Metal Shaping Machines
Read And Understand Operating Manuals
Read Production Layouts
Read Schematics And Specifications
Recognize Characteristics Of Metals And Alloys
Recognize Characteristics Of Plastics
Set Up Cnc Machines
Set Up Machine Tools
Set Up Specialized Machines For Metals Manufacturing
Set Up, Operate Or Tend Machines To Cut, Punch Or Press Metal Or Plastic
Sharpen Cutting Tools
Smooth, Sharpen, Polish Or Grind Metal Objects
Solve Machine Tool Problems
Sustain Output Levels Of Assembled Items
Understand Manufacturing Methods And Techniques
Use Laser Cutter
Use Laser For Engraving Or Cutting
Use Metric System
Data Sources and Limitations

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Occupations with Skills Similar to Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
The scores listed below indicates how closely the skills for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper matches the occupation in the list. A score of 100% means the occupations have identical skill sets. A maximum of 10 occupations are displayed below.
OccupationSkill Overlap
Milling And Planing Machine Setters, Operators, An83%
Drilling And Boring Machine Tool Setters, Operator81%
Lathe And Turning Machine Tool Setters, Operators,80%
Rolling Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, M78%
Extruding And Drawing Machine Setters, Operators,77%
Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, And Buffing Machine74%
Multiple Machine Tool Setters, Operators, And Tend66%
Forging Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, M65%
Patternmakers, Metal And Plastic60%
Model Makers, Metal And Plastic60%

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Educational Requirements
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
Not Found

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Education and Training Providers
for Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Oper
NOTE: Reference to any specific training institution below does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the State of Iowa.
Kirkwood Community College
6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW
Cedar Rapids IA 52406-2068
Phone: (319) 398-5411
Hawkeye Community College
1501 E Orange Rd
Waterloo IA 50701
Phone: (319) 296-2320
Eastern Iowa Community College District
306 W River Dr
Davenport IA 52801-1221
Phone: (563) 336-3300
Southeastern Community College
1500 West Agency Road
West Burlington IA 52655-0180
Phone: (319) 752-2731

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