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 Iowa Workforce Information NetworkNovember 27, 2015
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Occupational Report for
Correctional Officers And Jailers
Iowa Statewide

Report Contents
Occupation DescriptionEmployment Outlook
Current Job OpeningsLicense Information
WagesEmployment Projections
Industries of EmploymentSkills
Similar OccupationsEducational Requirements
Schools and Training Providers
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Occupational Description
Guard inmates in penal or rehabilitative institution in accordance with established regulations and procedures. May guard prisoners in transit between jail, courtroom, prison, or other point. Include deputy sheriffs and police who spend the majority of their time guarding prisoners in correctional institutions.

The following career videos are available from America's Career InfoNet:
Correctional Officers

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Employment Outlook
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
No outlook data is available for this occupation.

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Current Job Openings
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
Iowa Statewide
There are 2 openings for this occupation. Openings 1 to 2 are listed below. Check for more job openings on Career One Stop.
Job TitleDate PostedLocationWage Offered
Correctional Officer5/4/15Montrose$14.78/hr
On-Call Detention Officer6/23/15Montrose$15.11/hr

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Iowa License Information
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
No state license is required for this occupation.

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for Correctional Officers And Jailers
Region---------------- 2014 Wages ----------------
Avg Hourly ($/hr)Avg AnnualPercentiles
Iowa Statewide$21.97$45,690$14.11$18.21$23.39$26.62$26.63
IWD REGION 0120.8343,33313.7816.7720.9625.7428.00
IWD REGION 0216.7234,77712.6914.0015.8918.0323.43
IWD REGION 3/415.7132,67211.5113.1115.7018.0120.86
IWD REGION 0719.9741,53013.3416.4420.1423.8827.31
IWD REGION 0919.0139,54612.9915.1518.4922.8126.53
IWD REGION 1023.2548,36017.7220.5123.4026.6226.63
IWD REGION 1123.6849,25818.6421.4224.4926.6327.76
IWD REGION 1219.7241,00915.1117.4420.0322.1224.73
IWD REGION 1322.3746,53213.6718.8224.4926.6226.94
IWD REGION 1514.4330,01411.8812.6513.9215.8417.86
IWD REGION 1624.3850,71818.4322.3926.6226.6326.63
Data Sources and Limitations

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Regional Employment Projections
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
RegionEmploymentChange% ChangeAnnual Openings
Iowa Statewide3,1323,2741424.5%97
Iwd Region 11716749334.6%22
Iwd Region 1645545940.9%12
Iwd Region 1043143981.9%12
Iwd Region 0526626820.8%7
Iwd Region 1324625483.3%7
Iwd Region 09226243177.5%8
Iwd Region 01189201126.3%6
Iwd Region 15188203158.0%7
Iwd Region 0710811687.4%4
Iwd Region 12848956.0%2
Iwd Region 06727645.6%2
Iwd Region 3/4616546.6%2
Iwd Region 02464824.3%1
Iwd Region 08212214.8%1
Iwd Region 14171815.9%0
Data Sources and Limitations

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Primary Industries of Employment
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
Iowa Statewide
No industry employment data are available for Correctional Officers And Jailers.
Data Sources and Limitations

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for Correctional Officers And Jailers
Apply Active Listening Techniques
Apply Appropriate Physical Restraint
Apply Arrest, Search And Seizure Law
Apply Emergency Medical Procedures
Apply Intervention Techniques
Apply Mediation Techniques
Communicate Details Concisely And Consistently
Conduct Body Searches
Conduct Legal Searches
Conduct Prisoner Pre-Release Activities
Enforce Laws, Ordinances And Regulations
Guard Prisoners In Correctional Institutions
Keep Records And Maintain Files
Monitor Inmate Activity
Operate And Monitor Surveillance Equipment
Operate Two-Way Radio
Operate Two-Way Radio In Law Enforcement, Fire Or Emergency Setting
Perform Cpr
Prepare Reports In A Timely Manner
Provide First Aid
Reach Conclusions Quickly In Law Enforcement Situations
Recognize Physical And Emotional Abuse
Resolve Conflicts
Use And Maintain Emergency Medical Equipment
Use And Maintain Firearms
Use Appropriate Physical Response In Law Enforcement Situations
Use Computers To Enter, Access And Retrieve Data
Use Law Enforcement Methods And Procedures
Work As A Team Member
Data Sources and Limitations

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Occupations with Skills Similar to Correctional Officers And Jailers
The scores listed below indicates how closely the skills for Correctional Officers And Jailers matches the occupation in the list. A score of 100% means the occupations have identical skill sets. A maximum of 10 occupations are displayed below.
OccupationSkill Overlap
Police And Sheriff'S Patrol Officers49%
Transit And Railroad Police43%
Fish And Game Wardens41%
Detectives And Criminal Investigators41%
First-Line Super./Man. Of Correctional Officers39%
First-Line Super./Man. Of Police & Detectives31%
Animal Control Workers26%
Police, Fire, And Ambulance Dispatchers25%
Probation Officers & Correctional Treatment Spec.25%

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Educational Requirements
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
Not Found

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Education and Training Providers
for Correctional Officers And Jailers
No training providers for this occupation were found in the IWIN database.

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