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 Iowa Workforce Information NetworkNovember 28, 2015
License Title: Tattoo Artist

License Description: A tattoo artist examines a patron's skin surface to be tattooed for any evidence of skin infection; prepares the area to be tattooed by applying an antiseptic approved by the Department of Public Health; using sterile cotton or gauze; applies a sterile dressing to the tattooed area after the tattooing is complete; provides the patron with printed instructions regarding tattoo care during the healing process, and instructs the patron to consult a physician if signs and symptoms of an infection develop. He or she must also verify that individual requesting a tattoo is not a minor.

Authorizing Statute: Code of Iowa, Chapter 135.37; Iowa Administrative Code 641, Chapter 22

Requirements for License:An applicant for a tattoo artist permit must be 18 years of age and submit proof of attaining the age of 18 years. Applicants must also submit proof of having a high school diploma or general educational development certificate. A bloodborne pathogens and standard first aid course must be completed through the American Red Cross or an equivalent nationally recognized entity prior to obtaining a permit. Applicants must submit proof of successful completion of the certification programs.

An applicant cannot own, control or lease, act as an agent for, conduct, manage, or operate an establishment to practice the art of tattooing or engage in the practice of tattooing without first applying for and receiving a permit from the Department of Public Health.

Application: $75
Duration: One Year - (Expire on Dec. 31 of each year, regardless of issue date)
Renewal: $75
Late fee: Applications for renewal received after December 31 will be assessed an additional $25 for each month delinquent.
Other: Fees are nonrefundable and permits are not transferable.

When:There are no examinations required.

License Authority:
Tattoo Permit Program
Division of Environmental Health
Iowa Department of Public Health
Lucas State Office Building
321 E 12th St
Des Moines IA 50319
Phone: 5152817726

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