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 Iowa Workforce Information NetworkNovember 25, 2015
License Title: Industrial Radiographer

License Description: Industrial radiographers inspect nonagricultural raw materials or processed, machined, fabricated, or assembled parts or products for defects, wear, and deviations from specifications. They perform or personally supervise industrial radiographic operations. Industrial radiography means a non-destructive testing method using ionizing radiation, such as gamma rays or x-rays, to make radiographic images for the purpose of detecting flaws in objects without destroying them. May use precision measuring instruments and complex test equipment. The radiographer is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Iowa Rules and all license or registration conditions.

Authorizing Statute: Code of Iowa 641, Chapter 45

Requirements for License:This occupation has three levels of radiographers: 1) radiographer trainees, 2) radiographers, and 3) radiographer trainers. Each individual must complete an agency-approved training program that includes on-the-job training.

Individuals must take refresher courses annually regarding material hazards and safe operation of equipment, but there is no set number of hours required for recredentialing.

Application: None
Duration: Five years
Renewal: None
Exam: $125

When:Each applicant in any of the three levels covered above must also complete an agency-administered examination or equivalent exam. Upon completion of the training and testing, an ID card will be issued which the radiographer must have in his or her possession at all times that he or she is performing radiography. The examination must be taken every five years to renew the ID. The written exam, provided through an agreement with the Conference on Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD), is given in Des Moines and by request at sites throughout Iowa where enough applicants exist to justify travel by State personnel.
Where:Exam is given in Des Moines and by request at sites throughout Iowa where enough applicants exist to justify travel by State personnel.

License Authority:
Bureau of Radiological Health

321 East 12th St-Lucas Bldg
Des Moines IA 50309
Phone: 5152810415

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