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Affirmative Action Data
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Published Jul-18-2013
Affirmative Action Data Home Page

*Affirmative Action Data Home Page
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Iowa Affirmative Action Data 2012

FFor data, select one of the geographies in the box aboveE

Iowa Affirmative Action Data is developed annually to assist employers in creating affirmative action plans and evaluate the inclusion of women and minorities in their workforces. Data for the previous calendar year break out the following by gender and minority:

Table 1 now contains data from the 2010 Census

The Labor Force Information in Table 3 is now 2006-2010 American Community Survey data applied to current Local Area Unemployment Statistics data..

Hispanic data in Table 1 and Table 3 are now in both White and Non White categories to ease the problems of Hispanic double count in past data.

Introduction (with 2-Factor Analysis)
State of Iowa EEO Occ(2006-2010ACS)
National Data Table
Census 2000 - EEO-1 Files
Census 2000 - State and Local Category


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